Nuove Estensioni di Accreditamento

T.E.S.I. può ora rilasciare un certificato accreditato LAT anche per gli strumenti di sicurezza elettrica, quali misuratori dell’impedenza di linea e dell’anello di terra, di corrente di dispersione, prova differenziali (corrente e tempo d’intervento), misuratori di resistenza delle connessioni di terra e dei collegamenti equipotenziali, di rigidità dielettrica, della resistenza d’isolamento.


T.E.S.I. proseguendo nel suo programma di estensione dell’accreditamento, può ora eseguire la taratura di ambienti climatici e termostatici presso la sede del cliente rilasciando n certificato accreditato LAT, strumenti di misura della temperatura dell’aria, umidità relativa e temperatura di rugiada nel laboratorio permanente.


Calibration Sectors

Calibrations and Services Companies

Calibration Sectors

The classes of instrument for whom T.E.S.I. can provide an accredited calibration are expanding continuously, due to investments in reference instrumentation and training of the engineers. For this reason the folllowing list is growing staedily: refer to our sales people for instruments not included in the list.
T.E.S.I. can also provide support for the development of calibration procedures of custom systems.

Electrical Low Frequency (accredited sector)

Multifunction calibrators, digital multimeters, voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, energy counters, high voltage probes, current clamps, resistors/inductor/ capacitor standards, RLC meters, impedance analyzers, current shunts, current and voltage transformers, earth resistance meters.

Frequency and Time Interval (accredited sector)

Frequency counters, reference oscillators, timers, frequency and function generators, chronometers, hour counters.

Electrical Power High Frequency and Microwave (accredited sector)

RF generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power meters, modulation analyzers, noise figure meters, impedance analyzers.

Speed Measuring Systems (accredited sector)

Motor vehicle speed measuring systems like laser barriers, radar doppler, magnetic coils, laser guns, photoelectric sensors.

Optical (accredited sector)

LED and laser sources, optical power meters and attenuators, spectrum analyzers (OSA), wavelength meters, optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR), PDH/SDH analyzers, luxmeters.

PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) and Electrical Installation Testing Instruments (Accredited Sector)

Earth bond resistance test, earth leakage and touch current, insulation resistance, HV flash test, RCD tester, prospective fault current tester, earth resistance meter.

EMC Instruments

Immunity test equipment: ESD guns, EFT Burst/Surge/Voltage sags-dips-interruptions generators, coupling/decoupling networks, RF current clamps, injection clamps, generator of conducted disturbances induced by radiofrequency fields. Emission test equipment: receivers, spectrum analyzers, LISN, antennas, flicker meters, voltage probes.

Temperature (Accredited Sector) And Humidity

Thermometers, thermocouples, thermoresistances, hygrometers, climatic chamber characterization.

Length (Accredited Sector)

Calipers, micrometers, comparators, meters.

Strength and Torque

Dynamometers, strain gauges, load cells, torque meters, weighting equipment, masses.

Pressure (Accredited Sector)

Analog and digital manometers, pressure calibrators.

Acoustic And Air Speed

Sound level meters and calibrators, anemometers.



Subcontracted Calibrations

For classes of instruments not inlcuded in its own calibration and metrological capabilities t.e.s.i. can provide the calibration through a network of laboratories selected over the years for their quality and reliability, managing all the process since instruments pickup to final delivery.