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Accredited Calibrations

T.E.S.I. has many sectors of accredited calibrations, and their number is steadily growing following the market and customer requirements (see accreditation chart at


Where accredited procedures are not applicable or cannot guarantee a comprehensive characterization of the instrument under test (for example with some multifunction instruments) or when the measurements are outside the scope of accreditation, T.E.S.I. provides non accredited calibrations. The manufacturer performance test procedure is followed whenever applicable. The reference instruments are traceable to the national standards. Measurements pre and post adjustments are reported, as well as traceability information and measurement uncertainty.


When it is required to reduce the calibration turnaround time and maximize instrument availability T.E.S.I. can perform calibration directly at customer site, ensuring a high level of measurement accuracy.


T.E.S.I. provides to its customers a service based on a web-interface to track the status of their instruments and to program calibrations. Activities like instruments recall for calibration, browsing and printing of the certificates and of repair and calibration history can be done with this powerful tool.


At its repair laboratory in Brugherio (MB), T.E.S.I. provides repair services to many important customers its own organization or external cooperation with several manufactures worldwide.


T.E.S.I. provides training both at its own premises and, if requested, at customer site. The topics are metrology and instrumentation and can be focused on specific subjects depending on the customer requests. The training includes both theoretical lessons and practical measurement sessions in the laboratory.


Legal metrology regards all activities for which legal requirements are prescribed on measurements. Calibration of energy meters used by the electric utilities for billing belongs to this sector. T.E.S.I. is approved since 2005 for the calibration of both static and electrodynamic energy meters


Motor vehicle speed measuring equipment are largely used for traffic monitoring and accident prevention. Their calibration is very important to guarantee that their measurements comply to the legal requirements. T.E.S.I. has developed a reference speed measuring system and the measuring procedures for almost all types of equipment. In 2006 it was the first Italian laboratory accredited for the calibration of motor vehicle speed measuring equipment. In 2007 it was also accredited for the calibration of Traffic Light Monitoring Systems. During 2017 T.E.S.I. was accredited for lenght of road sections and average speed of vehicles.